Why Dunsmore Design

Many years of design practice, both commercial and residential, have given Gaye skills that are invaluable in her work today.

Listening and knowing what questions to ask is foundational to interpreting the likes and dislikes of the Client and their goals for the project. This part of the design process can be eye opening for the Client, as well as the Designer. It is an opportunity for the Client to discuss their feelings about the home, what they like and dislike about the current interior, and how they might want it to look and feel when the project is completed. It is also an opportunity to discuss the time frame for the project and develop a realistic budget. Often, the Client will not have a sense of what the budget for the project should be. This is where the Designer can help identify what costs will be. If Client expectations and budget constraints require it, the Designer can suggest the project be done in phases, as well as what will occur in each phase.

Technical Ability

Technical ability is key to the design process. After the Design Contract is executed, complete field measurements of the space are taken by the Designer and scaled drawings are made. Elevation drawings and photographs of the existing space are also completed. Electrical outlets are located in the scale drawings, as well. In instances where an addition to or renovation of a space are required, Dunsmore Design has the ability to create preliminary scaled construction drawings that can be provided to the Architect or Builder. Gaye Dunsmore is not a registered Architect and cannot stamp drawings for construction permits. Any preliminary construction drawings must be reviewed and stamped by a registered Architect.

Project Management

Project Management is not only extremely important to the design process, good project management makes happy clients. Sloppy project management not only makes unhappy clients, it often results in higher costs. Having the appropriate Trades on site at the appropriate time and place is vital to a seamless project!  Project management is the responsibility of the Designer and is not to be a burden to the Client. Many years in commercial design practice has made project management one of Gaye’s greatest strengths!

Procurement Services

Procurement Services are often a part of the design project. The purchase of furnishings, finishes, window treatments and accessories are all a part of the services offered by Dunsmore Design to Clients at generous discounts. Dunsmore Design maintains wholesale accounts with many major furniture manufacturers, suppliers of fabrics and rugs, and accessories. Dunsmore Design also has a professional drapery workroom/fabricator that assumes all responsibility for all measurements, fabrication and installation of window treatments.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation are provided by a local, licensed and bonded delivery company. Client furnishings are delivered to the delivery company’s local warehouse where they are inspected for any damages. After furnishings are inspected, they are blanket wrapped for in home delivery to the Client. The delivery company places all furnishings according to the scaled floor plans provided by the Designer. The Designer is on site at the Client location and supervises the installation.

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