Design Process

The Design Process

The initial consultation is always complimentary. It is an opportunity to learn about you and your family, how you live and how you would like your home to “feel”. Your color preferences, design goals, priorities, time table, goals and budget are all discussed at this meeting.

After the initial meeting, you will receive a “Scope of Services” assessment that will delineate the services to be provided. The Scope of Services Assessment will be the basis for the Design Contract and Client Fee Agreement.  Upon acceptance of the Design Contract, Dunsmore Design will execute preliminary floor plans and sketches for the space. Upon acceptance of the floor plans, Dunsmore Design will begin furnishings selections. We are happy to incorporate any existing furnishings that are consistent with the design goal. The Client may purchase new furnishings, finishes, etc. at Dunsmore Design’s wholesale cost, plus a small percentage, plus sales tax.

Less is More!

Life is so much more hectic and stressful than it was even a few years ago!  We ask ourselves how it got this way. That’s a long story. Here’s the bottom line: Life is crazy, therefore, HOME should be our “Safe Haven”. A few years ago, residential interiors were a showcase for everything we have collected” over the years”. In other words, it was a collection of “clutter”. You may have heard of an architect from Germany, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe (1886-1969) who coined the phrase “Less is more”.  He became a famous furniture designer in the early 20th century. His designs were simple, clean and beautiful in their own right. We have learned from Mies that “Less is more” and it has never been more evident than it is today. Rooms cluttered with lots of accessories and furniture don’t make us comfortable. They are too busy. Colors are softer and more monochromatic than they were a few years ago. Accessories are always important in our home spaces, but now there are less of them and they are items that have special meaning to us. Good design is not about how much money is spent.  Good design is born out of good ideas and creativity!

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